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Smart Safety

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The Double Gold Twitter 160A

World’s Most Powerful Tiny Servo Drive
Up to 10000W

Smart Servo Sensing

The key to transforming machines in the era of Smart Machine
Driving Industry 4.0 Forward

Where Motion Matters

Superior Multi-Axis Control, Unbeatable Servo
Performance, Efficient Real Time Networking


Industrial, Collaborative

Mobile Robotics/



SMT, Packaging, Inspection, assembly Medical Rehabilitation,


Rehabilitation, Surgical, Bionic


UAV, Drone, Airborne antenna


SMT, Assembly, Smart Warehouse, Packaging


World’s Most Powerful Tiny Servo Drive

The new Gold Twitter shows one further step in Elmo’s
break-through servo technology. Weighing only 33grams,
the DOUBLE Gold-Twitter is the ideal servo drives

  • Tremendous amount of qualitative power output out of an ultra-small package.
  • Highly intelligent with richness of capabilities and features.
  • Elmo’s proprietary and innovative Fast and Soft Power Switching Technology (FASST)
  • Over 99% efficiency and negligible EMI.
  • Mount it anywhere: the motor, moving axes, or within robotic joints.

Platinum Maestro

Multi-Axis Network Motion Controller

The Platinum Maestro is Elmo’s newest network motion controller. Designed to reach extreme multi-axis performance with enhanced connectivity and countless features, it is truly the ideal controller where motion matters.

100μs Unparalleled EtherCAT cycle time
250μs For 32 synchronized axes

Gold Twitter 80A/80V

World’s smallest most powerful servo drive

Gold Twitter delivers up to 5000 watts of qualitative power, ultra-high current with advanced servo capabilities and supports EtherCAT or CANopen networking. Weighing just 18 grams and less than 13 cm3 in volume.

The Gold Twitter drives are STO certified (SIL 3) and are backed by the highest of safety standards

Gold Solo Twitter

Ready To Use

The Gold Solo Twitter is an advanced high power density servo drive, capable of delivering up to 5 kW power from a compact package .

The Gold Solo Twitter is designed to be connected to an application using the wires and connector kit available from Elmo. Ideal for quick & easy machine development process and reduced TTM.

Gold Drum 550A/100V, 650A/80V

Ultra – High Current Drive

High powered yet compact servo drive, capable of delivering high currents up to 650A. It operates from a high power DC source and is ideal for unmanned, mobile, AGV type applications.

It operates from a high power DC source and is ideal for battery operated applications such as unmanned, mobile robotics and AGV.

Gold Mandolin

High Voltage Digital Servo Drive 5A/400V & 7A/400V

The Gold Mandolin series of digital servo drives are highly resilient and designed to deliver the highest density of power and intelligence. The Gold Mandolin delivers up to 2300 W of continuous power or 4600 W of peak power in a compact package. Power to the Gold Mandolin is provided by a 100 to 400 V Direct to Main DC source.


Highly Compact Integrated Motor

The Gold Duet is Elmo’s family of top performing integrated servo motors, equipped with built-in Gold series Elmo drives. The newest versions added to the family are made possible with high performance 80 & 110 frame servo motors. The Gold series of digital servo drives in the Duets is highly resilient and designed to deliver the highest density of power and intelligence.

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